Investing in Solar

Quality Solar Panels Midvale Perth

We provide customers a broad range of on-grid and off-grid solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial.

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Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot Water Heat Pump Midvale Perth

The EvoHeat Hot Water range is a superior hot water system that will save you thousands while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Energy Storage

Solar Battery Storage Midvale Perth

With solar energy storage, there is a power solution for you anywhere, anytime!

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LED Lighting

Led lighting solutions Midvale Perth

LEDs produce more light but use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting products.

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Save at Home

Reduce your energy bills and have a environment friendly household.

Timely Support

We have a response support system that provides you peace of mind.

Affordable Solar

Solar myWorld is committed to quality solar at affordable prices.

Top Brands

Our range of products are only provided by accredited manufacturers.

Why Solar myWorld?

We align ourselves to brands that have the same values as ours, namely, service and support, quality and value for money. Our products are backed by warranties held in Australia, our experience and knowledge sets us apart from the competition and our commitment to serving the customer needs is paramount.

We supply and install Solar Power and Solar Hot Water Systems right across Perth. Inverters, LED Lighting and Security solutions are also available.

Office: 230 Morrison Rd, Morrison Park, Midvale WA 6056

Tel: 1300 011 910


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