Solar My World is proud to be offering industry leading technology. With solar packages for all budgets there has never been a time to purchase a solar system for your home or business.


Industry Leading Solar Power Banks

Rather than spend a large amount of money to connect houses to the grid and pay high-cost electricity, Solar My World offers solutions that can make you save money while providing reliable power.

The Power Bank Kits are perfect for a any location that needs electrical power. They come with solar panels that will supply power to the inverter and batteries in the Power Bank before delivering power to the loads. This plug-and-play solution is compatible with 240V AC and all wiring is exactly the same as your electrical sockets.

PB 300 – 1000Wh
Battery Storage

PB 1000 – 2000Wh Battery Storage

PB 3000 – 4000Wh Battery Storage

PB 3000 – 2000Wh Battery Storage

Homes of the Future

It is sensible that new-build houses will simply adopt solar power and battery storage as part of the initial building design. As the mains electricity price rises, it will be a severe disadvantage to selling a house without having an installed means to power generation and power storage.

As electric vehicles (EVs) become the norm, the amount of power consumed by a household will double and families will be paying careful attention to the number of kWhs on their monthly bills. It will become essential that power management systems are installed to allow consumers to make informed decisions on the amount of power their appliances consume and what can be turned off.

Smart-Metering is the beginning of this change and later, once houses have their own battery storage and power management systems, customers will be able to economically manage their own consumption.

The range of Solar My World products covers all aspects of power generation, storage and management and brings the future of green, environmentally friendly energy to households and industry.

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