8.8KW On-Grid Parity Inverter with Storage

8.8kW On-Grid Parity Inverter with Storage


The 8.8KW Parity Inverter is a world leader in its class.

Not only is it responsible for DC to AC inversion, it also has MPPT and voltage management for each type of power input. That means it can be fed DC power from solar, wind turbine and AC from mains-grid at the same time then calculate the correct amount of power to be stored in the batteries, used by appliances or fed back into the grid.

The inverter has excellent efficiency and performs above 97%. It is easy to install and has a clear touch screen where you can programme and read the system status. Added to the inverter is a WI-FI port to allow the user to monitor the inverter via the internet. This model is designed for outdoor use.

Main Features

  • 120V/240V split phase, 230V single phase
  • Self consumption and feed-in to the grid options
  • Auto re-start while AC is recovering
  • Programmable
  • On-grid, off-grid or uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Overload / temperature / short circuit protection
  • Supports Wi-Fi monitoring
  • 3-Stage MPPT charging for optimal battery performance
  • Timing adjustable for convenient and efficient operation

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