3.6kW On-Grid Parity Inverter with Storage

3.6kW On-Grid Parity Inverter with Storage


Sunsynk’s 3.6kW Parity Inverter is a small scale inverter which is ideal for both marine vessels and small houses with limited roof spaces.

The size of array ranges between 1.2W to 7kW and the inverter possess software features that are common with the larger models.

It carries a weatherproofing rating of IP65 and is fitted with 2 x MPPT ports.


Main Features

• Maximum efficiency of 97.5% with wide input range
• Double MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
• Natural cooling- IP65 protection
• Compact and light design for easy installation

• Transformer-less GT technology
• RS485 Wi-Fi interface
• Built-in protection features
• Built-in anti-overflow function • 25 years lifespan

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