Solar battery/
Power maker


You can remotely switch power for your household appliances to come from either the batteries or the mains. It will manage power generated by solar panels. The inverter can be programmed to act as an Uninterrupted Power Supply. Once it is storing electricity while the grid is cheapest, the user will be able to save up to 65% on power bills. The inverter can also be mounted with engine systems to channel power from the alternator to battery storage to be used by the driver when the machine is not required to be driven/operated. 

There is a very real advantage in using the inverter on a generator system as it will assist greatly in reducing the consumption of diesel. The generator simply runs for a period of time and the power is sent through the inverter to the user. At the same time, the inverter stores power so that when the batteries are full, the inverter can stop the generator and the power source is switched to the batteries.

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