Hybrid inverters
And batteries for your solar panels

At Solar myWorld we take a custom approach to every client’s requirements. We understand every home, office and industry has its own unique specifications and ensuring your needs are exceeded is our priority.
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Solar myWorld provides a wide range of products to ensure the efficient use of your existing energy generating facilities (solar panels, diesel generators and more).

Hybrid Inverters

Our range of intelligent inverters for all requirements from camping to mining sites allow for multiple inputs and outputs and smart switching

LiFePO4 Batteries

Power storage ensures less power wastage and efficient power storage and usage when you need it. Couple your inverters, power generators, wind turbines and solar panels with our range of LiFePO4 batteries

Off-Grid Solutions

We understand that Off-grid presents it’s own set of unique problems. At Solar myWorld we have the solutions.

Our Products

3.8kw-11.2kw Inverters

Power storage batteries to work with your solar panels

On-grid & Off-grid Packages

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