PB 1000 – 2000Wh Battery storage

The PB 1000 kit is a higher capacity kit compared to the PB 300. It is also complete off-grid solution that contains all the constituent parts of a solar power system within its weatherproof casing. Everything you need in a single box.

The design is so simple that the user could quickly set up a simple solar power system to provide AC for devices with power up to 1000W, being useful for several applications. It also has a 24V output that can power DC equipment.

Similar to the PB 300, it can operate at any time of the day and be set to ‘automatic’ mode, in which it operates only at night or when power is required. It can either operate 24hrs or be set in the UPS mode, where it operates only at night or where power cuts out.

Components of the kit:

  • Cables and connectors;
  • 100W inverter 230V output;
  • Lithium battery digital charge controller;
  • Digital voltage meter;
  • User resettable overload fuse;
  • Built-in 100W MPPT controller;
  • Solar Isolator Switch;
  • Battery Isolator Switch.

The operation of the Power Banks is also very simple:

Switch Positions:

  • Power ON – System live.
  • Night Only – System OFF during the day and ON during the night.
  • ON – System ON and ready to be used all the time.
  • LED Indicators:
  • Inverter ON – System OK and powered ON.
  • Night Only – System OFF during the day and ON during the night.
  • Full Charge – Batteries are fully charged.
  • Charging – Batteries are charging.

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