Solar Street Lights

Lighting up sidewalks, driveways and paths is a huge drain on the energy grid. However, thanks to solar street lights, it’s possible to light your way with no emissions or drain on resources.

The more ways you manage to include a solar panel in your pathway lights and road lighting, the more you reduce the need for a grid connection. It’s simple: solar lights help save money.

Solar street lights are unobtrusive, off-grid, easily maintained and increasingly part of a range of progressive energy-saving solutions. Speak with one of our solar energy consultants to find out more.


Using Solar Street Lights

The basic idea is a simple one: Instead of traditional street lights that take their power from the grid, you use a solar LED street light that generates energy from the sun.

The high power LED panel and specialist battery have charge/discharge and photosensitive control systems that deliver the light. These panels are fitted to the light or lamp post and have a 40,000-hour life span.


Creating a Solar Street

Solar street lighting is highly adaptable. Easy to install, it can be used in main streets, sub streets and both on commercial and residential sidewalk lighting.

And it’s not restricted to roads: Use these solar panels on park lighting and pathway lighting and you’ll be helping take Australia off-grid and toward a brighter, more environmentally-friendly future.


Saving the Environment on Solar Street

It’s not just money you’re saving with solar street lighting: Solar lights are part of a future that will look to natural, clean, renewable energy resources and away from our traditional dependence on fossil fuels.

Thanks to developments in LED technology, we can now harness more energy from solar panels. From providing street lighting to industrial energy, they are part of an increasingly efficient and effective solution.


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