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Three Reasons why Solar myWorld should be your Solar Partner of choice

  1. We are a WA owned and operated company with Family Values.
  2. We offer top value for all products backed with a full service support team.
  3. Our products are of the highest quality at an affordable investment.

Solar myWorld is one of Australia’s premier suppliers and installers of quality solar panels and accessories. We offer a full range of photovoltaic solutions and products that are proven to be superior in both reliability and function. Our partnerships, national presence and technical capabilities have helped us become one of the highest rated solar panel providers in Perth. Our reputation is based on an exemplary track record of solar output performance, premium services and customer satisfaction.


Residential and Commercial Service

As a knowledgeable solar panels dealer in Perth , Solar myWorld makes certain that each client gets the best solar equipment by working with leading manufacturers. We only choose products known for high durability, and our systems have the ability to withstand even the harshest climates throughout Western Australia. With our solid background in the industry, we know which solutions can work best for your business or home. To learn more about attaining substantial energy savings through our solar panels and inverters, give us a call today.


Solar Power Specialists

Residential solar systems are becoming increasingly popular. More people are starting to realize the incredible benefits to be gained by using solar panels in Perth. Solar myWorld is a leading supplier of cost-effective and innovative solar power systems that help customers reduce their energy consumption while saving money. By installing a solar energy system today, it can start to pay for itself immediately by cutting your power bills. Also, as energy costs keep going up, you’ll be a step closer to freedom from conventional energy dependency.


Experienced Solar Panel Installers

Solar PV systems convert electricity by capturing the sun’s energy through solar panels. It is then distributed accordingly to your appliances. At Perth based Solar myWorld, Solar panels are installed by the most skilled and experienced solar panel installers. We are committed to making the use of solar energy a more popular choice with residents and businesses. Our installers are here to help you achieve your goals of relying less on traditional fossil fuels. In addition to providing free estimates, we are standing by to answer your energy questions and concerns.


Low Maintenance

Because solar panels don’t contain moving parts, they can work efficiently without extra support for many years. When considering the effort and time involved with other investments you’ve made in the past, solar energy systems require minimal attention after installation. With solar panels in Perth, there’s no interaction or connection with power companies. This means never worrying about frequent power outages that can disrupt your life.


Choosing the Right System

With proper planning, solar panels in Perth are a sound investment for homes and businesses. Everyone’s energy needs will vary. For this reason, a comprehensive site assessment is made to determine the best system for your needs. A qualified Solar myWorld representative will visit your property to discuss the aspects and options available. By determining your energy use, we can then tailor a system that allows you to get the most from solar panels.

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Solar myWorld stocks a wide range of superior solar systems to match every budget. Allow us to show you how we can reduce your energy consumption and save on ongoing energy costs. Give us a call today on 1300 011 910 for your free site inspection.

We supply and install Solar Power and Solar Hot Water Systems right across Perth. Inverters, LED Lighting and Security solutions are also available.

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