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Solar Panel Installation

Solar is a well-established energy source in Australia – it’s reliable, renewable and predictable, and as a technology, it’s tried, tested and easy to fit. Solar panel installation is easy. To get the best advice, talk to one of our advisors or come into the Perth showroom. We are a WA company that works closely with clients, so chat with us and we’ll explain how solar technology works and what place it can have in delivering your energy.


How Solar Panel Installation Works

The solar panels are usually fitted to your roof. To maximise exposure, they are usually fixed to the side that gets most sun. To convert solar energy to help light your home, or power your devices, takes additional equipment. Energy is stored in solar batteries and managed from there.


Types of Solar Panels

We have a range of solar panels that can be fitted to your residential or commercial property. We use panels that are cost effective, have high power outputs, low running temperatures and are built to last. Here are two companies that we supply and recommend.

  • Trina Solar – the biggest selling panel in Australia.
  • Kyocera – the panel with one of the highest yield generations available and a company with 35 years of experience.

Solar Energy and your Home

There’s a variety of ways you can use solar energy in a residential setting. The simplest is to have standalone devices. These might be solar powered garden lights that generate energy for lights off the grid.

By adding solar energy, you can go ‘on-grid’. This means that the panels help generate top-up energy for your home while you are still connected – you can even put energy back into the grid, reducing your energy bills further.


Solar Energy and your Business

Smaller businesses might have a setup that’s similar to those on residential properties. However, as your commercial needs increase, you’ll be needing greater capacity, additional panels, larger batteries, and more controlled delivery and management of the power.

Businesses that are far from grid connections can use solar panels alongside energy storage facilities, or use modular set-ups, to satisfy their larger power demands.

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