Solar Batteries

The greatest things about solar energy are that it’s limitless and there are no emissions after it’s been harnessed. However, what you need to do is efficiently and effectively store this power in a form that’s most useful to you. To do this, you’ll need a solar battery as part of whichever solar energy system.


Choosing a Solar Battery

You’ll need to get a solar battery that matches your needs. Over capacity would be wasted, and in the same light, picking a smaller, residential model would prove ineffective for a business.

For larger residential homes, you can look to the HES battery which is portable and can feed energy back to the grid. As a battery for smaller businesses and commercial premises, you’d be inclined to use a Distributed Energy Storage System (DESS), and for larger scale industrial energy storage, an Energy Storage Station (ESS) would be the choice.

The larger more complex batteries can manage power delivery through peak shaving and load leveling, whereas the smaller residential HES batteries are highly portable and fit easily into a cupboard.


Solar Batteries and Your System

Solar generation systems have a number of parts to them: Solar Panels, charge controllers, power inverters, AC generators and the solar batteries that hold the charge.

Solar batteries prove highly cost effective, helping you to avoid the unpredictable price rises which make it hard to budget if you are a business owner or have a larger home.

It’s worth noting that some systems are ‘off-grid’ – in that they provide standalone energy for say, outdoor lighting – while others are ‘on-grid’ and connect to your existing electricity supplies.


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